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Maggie & Brandon — Minted




Wedding Party


Bestfriend of the Bride

Maggie: I met Summer in 1st grade, and we became fast friends. Believe it or not, I was an incredibly shy kiddo and Summer was the first friend I ever made in Kentucky. Over the years, we developed a healthy school rivalry (ask her about the middle science test...) and grew even closer throughout the years. She's one of those friends that you know will never judge you, and after time apart, you can pick up exactly where things left off. Summer has always been the kindest, most creative, and compassionate soul in the room. I can't think of any better friend to support me on this special day.


Bestfriend of the Groom

Brandon: Best friends for 17 years; best friends for eternity! We may not be able to walk back and forth between our houses anymore, but distance hasn't gotten in the way of our friendship.


Seester of the Bride

Maggie: Our relationship is a prime example of why age is just a number. I may have come into KD's life later on for a sister, but we are as close as any two siblings could be. KD is always down for a trip to interesting places (like middle of nowhere West Virginia), a delicious brunch, and a drink. They are someone that I can tell literally anything to, and I pretty much do. I am so incredibly honored to call them my seeeeester!


Sister of the Groom

Brandon: Sydney is an absolute G! Though she's my little sister, I admire her more than anyone, especially her incredible sense of style. She means so much to me, and I would do anything in the world for her.


Brother of the Bride

Maggie: Keith is the most loyal, supportive, and kind big brother anyone could ask for. Keith has also been my opposite in many ways. He's creative whereas I'm analytical, and he loves routine whereas I'd be happy doing something different everyday. You can see how this may have contributed to an interesting childhood (just ask our mom!), but I have always been in awe of his spirit and imagination. That's why I can think of no one better to serve as our officiant on this special day!

Fun fact: Keith is the first person who I told that I was in love with Brandon!